Friday, May 11, 2007

What Am I?

There is a special bond
between my friends and I,
I bet you can't guess what it is -
so I'll give you clues to try.

This comes is different sizes,
and shapes and flavours too.
This comes in different colours,
like red and pink and blue.

This comes, sometimes just on its own,
at times with things inside it,
like raisins, nuts and even mint,
however it comes, we down it!

It comes in pretty boxes,
where layers of them reside.
It comes in plastic wrappers
and in other ways besides.

The smell is so inviting,
so rich and strong and dreamy,
we just can't wait to eat it -
it's smooth - delicious and creamy.

I think by now you must have guessed
it's chocolate that's our passion -
it's chocolate, milk or plain or both -
it's chocolate - our obsession!
by Lesley Macmillan

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