Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter 2010

Well, what can I's still freezing! BUT I have been able to take lots of lovely photo's (which is a good thing)
This was taken today, the snow has started to melt and now the snowdrift just looks like a wave...very awesome looking thing too!

This one was also taken today, I love it, it looks just like a fairy dancing!

This picture is of actual snowflakes, so beautiful and so delicate...I was very pleased this photo came out, these snowflakes are on my jacket, aren't they just incredible!

I LOVE this photo! Hamish and I went for a walk with Matthew and Kiera to 'the beautiful place', and underneath the dual carriageway there was no snow on the lake, but it was at least 2ft thick with ice. Hamish threw a huge rock onto the ice where there was a crack, and this picture was the result of the rock hitting the ice. The colours are just amazing!

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