Monday, April 11, 2011

Where had the time gone?

April 2011...already! Life has just whizzed by...Elder Macmillan is coming home from his mission June 8th - he has grown so much, and has served so well, we love and miss him, and will be so happy to have him home once more! It will be wonderful to share and be a part of his wackyness again!

Genna is now on her second year at BYU-I - we had the opportunity to spend  the last seven months or so with her, as she deferred from college for a while - it was sad to see her leave, but we know that we will be together again very soon. She was very busy while she was here though, nannying for a little man called Avery...cute as a button, and he loves his Genna.

Matthew and Kiera were baptized last October, I can't believe they will be 9 this year! They will also be starting a new school this year too...very exciting!

Kiera is enjoying her Tae-kwondo, and will be graduating to a Green Belt this week! Eeeeek! She loves learning the piano too, and is anxious to show her big brother what she can play, she also loves attending activity days with her friends.

Matthew loves Boy Scouts, and has many belt loops already, he is still working with his artwork, and has decided this year to try and earn some money by creating pictures for putting them onto transfers. He is busy as a bee...he loves to play soccer, and can't wait for his big brother to come home so that he can play with him!

Hamish is as busy as ever, with his first try at Paintball this past weekend...he has a few welts...but I think he enjoyed it more than he lets on!! He is a wonderful husband, father, friend, provider and 'funny' guy! I love him so very much, and we miss him when he's away on business...I wonder why he loved halloween so much this year?...

Sammie and Cameron will be coming to stay with us again this year for a while...and she is expecting again! We are thrilled! Cameron is completely adorable, I love and miss him, and can't wait to get to know him again. It will be great to be able to look after Sammie too, I just hope she is not as sick with this pregnancy as she was with him...

I am now looking after Avery till Genna gets back - finding a job is tough! So he takes up a lot of my day now. I am looking forward to spending time with my family during the summer...I can't wait to go on picnics, to plant my new garden area, visit lots of places with the children, and basically have a fun filled summer with every one! I have been keeping myself busy learning how to knit (this was something I did for Kiera), as well as trying to keep our food storage up to par...learning new tricks with that too!

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Jenn said...

What a wonderful family!!! I wish we could meet the rest of you in person! We love your Elder...and will be terribly sad when he leaves our area, but realize that you will be VERY excited to have him home soon! :)