Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Journey Begins!

Here I am, Sunday afternoon looking forward to tomorrow...finally the day is almost here, that I can go and see Samantha and Clark, and enjoy the wonderful blessing of a new child still waiting to be born! We were all kind of hoping that she would have had it by now, but, it hasn't arrived, so I will be there with her until it has!
The only downside to this situation is that because of the H1N1 ~ I am not even allowed to visit with her in hospital, that privilege is only reserved for the partner. It really is a shame that such a rule has to be enforced, and enforced simply because there are some people who seem unable to make the decision not to inflict their illness onto others and stay away ~ I mean, how selfish can someone be!
Anyway, I am flying to Canada tomorrow, leaving my husband and two children for ten days ~ hoping that all will be well, and that he will remember to feed them and get them off to school on time, oh, and remember that they will be coming home!

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