Saturday, November 7, 2009


Okay ~ 4:02am, Saturday November 7th ~ I am at the computer because I simply cannot sleep! In fact, I have been awake since 2:42 this morning with ~ well yes you guessed it ~ Samantha on my mind! I, so badly want to call and check that she is okay, so badly want to be there with her, instead of here going out of my mind!
Being a parent is such a bizarre calling. You give up so much for you children, you worry and care about them as they grow, wanting them to have the best that you can give them; you teach them good principles; encourage them not to think only of themselves, but to reach out to think of and care for others; you discipline them so that they can appreciate all that they have, but most of all you love them and want the best for them to succeed in whatever they choose to do. All of this you do with all your heart, gladly, willingly, hoping that they will understand that the unconditional love that you have for them.
I don't think I really understood what it means to 'let them fly' until I had to watch my three oldest children leave home to begin their own journeys, and part of my eldest daughters journey has been to get married, and to start a family of her own with her eternal companion.
The worry never ends, the concern for health and safety is constant, and being so very far away, stetches the heart strings like nothing else ~ almost to breaking point.

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